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ISIL reportedly beheads captured Russian soldier in Syria

Russian officer about to be beheaded by an ISIL member.

According to the SITE intelligence group, ISIL has released a video purporting to show the beheading of Russian intelligence officer Col. Evgeny Petrenko.1 The release of the video coincides with Russia’s commemoration of their victory over Germany in the Second World War (Victory Day).

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Iran and Saudi Arabia exchange bellicose threats. Harbinger of war between the two countries?

Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehqan has threatened to wipe out Saudi Arabia if they do anything stupid towards Iran.

Thus far the ethnic and religious rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia has been limited to indirect conflict between the two countries in the ongoing civil wars in Syria and Yemen. However, if current Iranian and Saudi rhetoric is an accurate indication, then direct conflict may be a likely occurrence in the future.

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Has Qassem Soleimani been wounded in Syria?

IRGC Commander Qassem Soleimani.

It has been reported by anti-Assad sources that Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Commander Qassem Soleimani has been wounded in Syria’s Daraa province.1 If such unconfirmed reports are true, and if he dies as a result or is taken out of commission, then this will be a major blow to Iran, as Soleimani appears to be an important architect of its foreign machinations.2 Saudi media has even gone so far as to call him “the arch-terrorist satan.”3

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More on the Khan Sheikhoun chemical attack: Further debunking of the official narrative

French Foreign Minister presenting an intelligence report blaming Assad for the Khan Sheikhoun chemical attack.

Following US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s visit to Moscow, where he talked with his counterpart Sergei Lavrov and President Vladimir Putin, it appears that tensions between the US and Russia/Syria have stabilized. While the situation has not improved, the Russians were encouraged by Tillerson not issuing “absurd proposals” or ultimatums during their meetings.1

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According to Moshe Yaalon Israel’s military policy successfully deterring ISIL: Why is Israel going easy on ISIL?

Former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon (center).

As a follow up to his revelation that ISIL apologized to Israel for launching rockets into the Golan,1 former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon has commented further on the matter. He claims that Israel’s policy of militarily responding to any cross border rocket or mortar strikes emanating from Syrian territory, whether intentional or not, with the exception of those ‘accidentally’ done by ISIL, has succeeded in deterring ISIL from attacking Israel.

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Former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon says ISIL apologized to Israel for a cross border attack

Former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon.

While being interviewed, former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon made some revealing comments. Speaking of rocket attacks originating from Syria against the Golan, which is occupied by Israel, he said “On most occasions, firing comes from regions under the control of the (Syrian) regime. But once the firing came from ISIS (Daesh) positions–and it immediately apologized.1

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What was the effectiveness of the US cruise missile strike on al Shayrat airbase?

US warship launching cruise missiles at the al Shayrat airbase (image from theaviationist.com).

There are many uncertainties surrounding President Trump’s decision to strike the Syrian regime’s al Shayrat airbase. Firstly, contrary to what the Trump administration and the mainstream media would have you believe, there are many reasons to doubt the official narrative that Assad conducted the Khan Sheikhoun chemical attack, the ostensible reason for Trump’s abrupt and bellicose reaction.1 There is also uncertainty on how effective the US cruise missile strike on the airbase was.

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Has Iran sent missiles to the Houthis in Yemen?

US Secretary of Defense James Mattis meeting with the Saudis.

While touring the Middle East, US Secretary of Defense James Mattis visited Saudi Arabia, presumably in an attempt to solidify ties with a so-called ally of America. While there, Mattis has taken aim at Saudi Arabia’s archenemy Iran. He averred “Everywhere you look, if there’s trouble in the [Middle East] region, you find Iran.1 More specifically he claimed Iran has been supplying missiles to their Houthi proxies in Yemen, “We see Iranian-supplied missiles being fired by the Houthis into Saudi Arabia — and this is something, with the number of innocent people dying inside Yemen, that has simply got to [be] brought to an end.2

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More on the Khan Sheikhoun chemical attack: expert and CIA officials not buying the mainstream narrative

The alleged site of the chemical weapons release in Khan Sheikhoun.

During his brief on the al-Shayrat strike, President Trump cited no evidence to substantiate his claim that “There can be no dispute that Syria [Assad] used banned chemical weapons” against civilians in Khan Sheikhoun.1 Five days later the White House attempted to justify their actions against Syria and released a National Security Council (NSC) report which presented ‘evidence’ and ‘confirmed’ that Assad deliberately gassed civilians with sarin on April 4.2

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Did Tulsi Gabbard convey a message to Assad on behalf of Trump

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.

Tulsi Gabbard, a congresswoman from Hawaii, is one of the few Democrats that has not supported President Trump’s missile strike against Assad’s al-Shayrat airbase. She considers Trump’s actions to be “unauthorized” and “illegal,” as she is skeptical that Assad gassed civilians at Khan Sheikhoun, and has demanded that the Trump administration present evidence to the American people and congress proving Assad’s guilt.1 For her ability and courage to think independently, Democrats are now turning against her.2

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