For a person who is observant of what is occurring politically, economically, demographically, religiously and culturally around the world life can be rather frustrating. One may have the urge to vocalize his thoughts on these ongoings, but if he does, then all he gets for his troubles are blank or funny looks, with the interlocutor usually thinking him to be, at the very least a bit odd or at worst a fanatical political lunatic. With such outcomes likely, it is best for one to keep quiet, for as Blaise Pascal wrote, “Do you wish people to believe good of you? Don’t speak.” In this manner one is like a mute, unable to freely speak his thoughts, mainly for the expectation of apathetic and disinterested responses, or worse.

In Greek a person who is a mute is referred to as mouggos (ο μουγγός or ο μουγκός). This seems as good of a name as any for this blog. I am like a mute unable to speak to others, yet fortunately the internet and the blogosphere provide a cure of sorts, where I can express myself freely, for the moment at least.

This blog will deal with topics such as the geopolitical ongoings in the Middle East, the decline of Western Civilization, the threat of Islamism, history, Christianity and whatever else interests me. Hope you enjoy!

O Mouggos