In Turkey there is talk of beheading and impaling Gulenists

by omouggos

Erdogan at the July 15 Martyrs Bridge rally in Istanbul (image from

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the attempted coup in Turkey, which if we are to believe Turkish authorities was ordered by Fethullah Gülen and carried out by his personal terrorist organization FETÖ. The anniversary is being celebrated in Turkey to much hoopla, with millions assembling at public gatherings throughout the country. One event held at Istanbul’s July 15 Martyrs Bridge drew hundreds of thousands of Turks.1

President Erdoğan and his minions are presenting the July 15 attempted coup as a momentous turning point in Turkish history, one where democracy and the will of the people were upheld against subversives thanks to the valor of the Turkish people, who took to the streets unarmed during the night of the coup and successfully resisted the putschists. Erdoğan has described July 15 as “a day of rebirth for the Turkish people.2

Of course this narrative is not wholly accurate. It is not even clear that Gülen and his followers were behind the coup and while Erdoğan talks about the upholding of democracy, since the coup his actions – purging the state and military, furthering his powers through the new Presidential system, and cracking down on the media, among other things – have not supported democracy but undermined it. Since July 15, and before, Erdoğan’s Turkey has been on the road to tyranny.

As concerning as such a false narrative is, what is even more troubling is the recent inflammatory rhetoric being used against the enemies of the Turkish state. For instance the pro-Erdoğan Haber7 news website made the following tweets:3

“This is an example of execution in the days where decisions were taken without losing time on investigations, interrogations and court procedures for people who rebelled against the state. … The ideal execution method for FETÖ was used by the Ottomans.”

This tweet was accompanied by the below imaged which showed three people transfixed on meat hooks. In effect Haber7 is advocating that FETÖ members be punished with the Ottoman torture method known as the Khazouk, i.e. impalement.4

Not to be excluded from expressing vitriol towards his enemies, speaking of the coup-plotters during the July 15 Martyrs Bridge rally Erdoğan stated:5

“We’re not just some nomadic tribe, we are a nation. They, however, are a disease, disease. That’s the difference. … First we will cut off traitors’ heads.”

Maybe one could dismiss Erdoğan’s and Haber7’s statements as unfortunate rhetoric that will not lead to anything. One can only hope that is the case, but such statements should be taken seriously. Erdoğan and those that support him are creating a climate in Turkey that is similar to what Hitler and Stalin did in the their countries in which the Jews and Kulaks were dehumanized and subsequently ‘genocided.’

In Turkey those who are against Erdoğan are being dehumanized and being generically labeled as Gülenists. It is being promoted that such treacherous people are worthy of impalement and decapitation. Such rhetoric is not the product of nobodies on social media but of the Turkish media and President. As Erdoğan solidifies and expands his powers, he will not be content with only firing Gülenists or imprisoning them, he must physically eliminate them.

So don’t be surprised if mass murders start occurring in Turkey. At this point, if Erdoğan is not foiled or curtailed, the only uncertainty pertaining to such atrocities is when.

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