Former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon says ISIL apologized to Israel for a cross border attack

by omouggos

Former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon.

While being interviewed, former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon made some revealing comments. Speaking of rocket attacks originating from Syria against the Golan, which is occupied by Israel, he said “On most occasions, firing comes from regions under the control of the (Syrian) regime. But once the firing came from ISIS (Daesh) positions–and it immediately apologized.1

This is quite the statement by Yaalon. PressTV has described it as an admission of a “tacit alliance” between Israel and ISIL. I am not sure I fully agree with PressTV’s characterization, but Yaalon’s comments nonetheless raise some serious questions.

Why would ISIL apology to Israel for firing rockets into the Golan? They don’t, as far as I am aware, apologize when their rockets stray into Turkey. Is ISIL really that scared of Israel? Furthermore how did ISIL communicate with Israeli forces? Over known Israeli radio frequencies or do they have a dedicated communication channel with the Israeli military? If the latter is the case, then why is this so? Unfortunately Yaalon did not provide further clarification on the matter.

With Yaalon’s comments, coupled to previous ones by him in which he admitted that “if I had to choose between Iran and Daesh [ISIL], I would prefer Daesh2 and reports that Israel has been providing medical treatment to jihadis wounded in Syria,3 it is little wonder that many in the Middle East and the world believe Israel and ISIL to be in cahoots. Some have even gone so far as to claim that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Caliph of ISIL, is actually a Jew named Simon Elliot and that the acronym ISIS actually stands for “Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.4

Although I cannot definitively prove so, I do not believe ISIL was created by or is currently directed by Israel.5 Yet, that does not mean that Israel is not in some way facilitating ISIL and that the two do not have some type of shady clandestine relationship. Israel appears to tolerate ISIL because the latter are a very effective enemy of their enemies Iran and Syria, and because they currently do not feel overly threatened by them.

ISIL, while hating the Jews and having long term designs on Israeli territory, is not in the near term overly focused on fighting Israel. They are more fixated on dealing with internal Islamic enemies, such as the Shiites and secular Arab regimes. They also are not overly supportive of the Palestinian movement as they see it as being partially motivated by nationalistic sentiments, as opposed to ISIL’s belief in tawhid (strict monotheism).

So for now, partly based on the comment’s of Yaalon among other things, it appears that Israel and ISIL tolerate and, when it suits them, even make use of one another. One hopes that is as far Israel’s relationship with ISIL goes.

O Mouggos


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