Map of foreign bases in Syria

by omouggos

The Syrian Civil War has entered its 6th year and thus far anywhere from 320,000 to 465,000 people have died as a result and millions more have been displaced.1 The bitter struggle is not limited to Bashar al-Assad’s regime against a motley array of rebel groups, there are also a number of foreign countries directly intervening in the conflict.

Supporting Assad is the Russians and Iranians, both of which have had a significant role to play in the war and without their assistance Assad would have already went the way of Gaddafi. Since August 2016 the Turks have directly entered into the conflict by invading northern Syria. This operation known as Euphrates Shield, while being billed as being against ISIL, is really intended to provent the Kurds from creating a continuous state along the entire length of Turkey’s border with Syria. Against Assad and ostensibly ISIL the US and Britain also have troops on the ground in Syria, although there intervention is much less low key than that of the other intervening nations.

The daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat has recently published a report that gives some of the location of military bases established by foreign countries within Syria.2 Based on this information I thought it would be worthwhile to create a map showing the location of these bases:

With the presence of so many foreign bases within Syria, particularly the Turkish and US ones, it will become increasingly difficult for Assad to fulfil his vow to retake the whole country.3 Instead it seems likely that Syria will end up dissolving into various statelets and zones of foreign influence.

O Mouggos