Erdogan is still thin-skinned: In the last 6 months 2,673 cases filed for people insulting him

by omouggos

President Erdogan does not like to be insulted.

As I have written of before, Erdoğan does not like to be insulted and will readily use the Turkish penal code to prosecute anyone who dares to do so, regardless of how innocuous or uninsulting the comments are.1 Yet in the aftermath of the July 15 attempted coup Erdoğan was struck by an unprecedented fit of magnanimity when he withdrew ‘all’ the thousands of cases related to people who have allegedly insulted him.2

It should be realized that Erdoğan’s great act of clemency was likely motivated by self-serving political considerations and that not all cases were withdrawn such as the one involving the leader of HDP Selahattin Demirtaş, who is still languishing in jail on other charges.3 Nonetheless, overall this was a nice gesture by Erdoğan.

Unfortunately, Erdoğan’s magnanimity has been short lived as he has reverted back to prosecuting people that insult him. I have already presented a number of such new insult cases,4 and there are even more newer ones.5 However the score or so of new cases I have presented pail in comparison to the full extend of Erdoğan’s litigation against his detractors.

According to a report by the Human Rights Joint Platform (IHOP) over the past 6 months there have been “2,673 cases have been filed against individuals on charges of insulting the president over the past six months.6 It appears that Erdoğan is as thin-skinned as ever.

O Mouggos


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