Abdullah Bozkurt’s take on the Imia (Kardak) incident

by omouggos

In the context of the Greek Supreme Court blocking the extradition of eight fugitive soldiers back to Turkey and increasing tensions between Greece and Turkey, I have written about Turkish Chief of General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar provocative visit to the disputed waters off of the island of Imia (Kardak). Journalist Abdullah Bozkurt, a staunch critic of Erdoğan, has also written an article on the incident, the cause of which he believes “is much bigger than the court case.” In his judgment the Imia incursion is a sign that the “Turkish Islamists, in cooperation with neo-nationalists in the army and intelligence agency, are set to escalate the tension with Greece” with the intention of arousing Turkish nationalist sentiment so as to garner more yes votes in the upcoming referendum on Erdoğan’s desired Presidential system. The referendum is scheduled for April 9, so until be prepared for more Turkish provocations towards Greece.
O Mouggos