Trump is already cooperating with Russia against ISIL in Syria

by omouggos

Russian airstrikes against ISIL in Syria are being coordinated with the US.

Russian airstrikes against ISIL in Syria are being coordinated with the US since Trump was inaugurated.

As the shrieks of deranged snowflakes begin to die down, Trump is already making good on his inauguration speech vow to “unite the civilized world against radical Islamic terrorism, which we will eradicate from the face of the Earth.

The Russian Defense Ministry has reported that “ISIL storage facilities, militants eliminated in joint strike conducted by Russian Aeropsace forces, Intl Coalition forces in Syria, with coordinates received from U.S.1 The Russian-US joint mission occurred on Sunday (Jan. 22) in the beleaguered city of Deir ez-Zor, where Syrian regime forces are on the verge of being over run by ISIL. Contrary to the people who criticize Trump, saying he is all blustery talk, it is apparent that when it comes to fighting ISIL and cooperating with Russia to do so, he means what he says.

Not only has such cooperation begun, it purportedly is set to expand. According to DEBKAfile a “US, Russian, Syrian and Jordanian force is preparing for a major operation to liberate the Syrian heritage town of Palmyra from the Islamic State.2 Furthermore, in an apparent attempt to foster amity with Trump, Russia appears to be taking measures to marginalize Iran’s influence in Syria.3 Also at the Astana peace conference, Putin invited, a one-time loyal friend but now an opponent of Bashar al-Assad, Gen. Manas Tlass who is possibly being groomed to be the new leader of Syria.4

With Trump in power, intriguing developments are afoot in the Middle East and the world. Many questions remain to be answered. Will the nascent cooperation between the US and Russia bear lasting fruit, such as rapprochement between the two nations and the defeat of ISIL? To foster this rapprochement will Putin be willing to marginalize their current ally Iran5 and to softly push Assad out of power? As Trump is now cooperating with Russia, will he attempt to do likewise with Turkey and improve faltering relations with that country?

As with most things related to world events and geopolitics, we will have to wait and see what the outcome and ramifications will be. However, one thing is for certain, those apart of the anti-Trump establishment and media, will still hysterically wail and complain about whatever Trump does, and his recent cooperation with Russia against ISIL in Syria will merely confirm to them that Trump is a Russian agent.

O Mouggos

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[5] It is interesting that a recent article by Russian analyst Andrey Kortunov delved into the nature of Russian-Iranian relations concluded “there is little to suggest that current interaction between Russia and Iran qualifies as a full strategic partnership. At best, we can say that the groundwork has been laid for such a partnership to develop in the future. … when talking about Russian-Iran relations, it is more appropriate to use the skepitcal formula ‘cautious partnership,’ rather than the optimistic ‘strategic partnership.’” ( Based on this analysis it is not too far fetched to foresee that Russia moving away from their cautious partner Iran so as to move closer to the US.