The F-35 still has hundreds of software problems and won’t be combat ready till 2020

by omouggos

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (image from

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (image from

In October I made a post which asked the question Is the F-35 a lemon? At the time, none other than the Director of the Operational Test & Evaluation Office of the Secretary of Defense, Dr. J. Michael Gilmore had published a damning report stating that the latest version of the F-35A is “not effective and not suitable across the required mission areas and against currently fielded threats.” Well, Dr. Gilmore has published another report on the F-35 and his assessment is as critical as before.

In Dr. Gilmore’s annual report for fiscal year 2016 he stated that the F-35 has 276 software issues, all of which affect combat performance.1 These problems, along with other issues, will prolong the F-35’s development phase until 2020, three years later than planned and at a cost of an addition $1.1 billion.

Dr. Gilmore has also advised the Trump administration to “rigorously and comprehensively review” the F-35 program.2 It is no wonder that Trump made the following tweets with respect to this boondoggle of a military program:

It is now being reported that the US Department of Defense and Lockheed Martin are working on a deal, which should bring the price of a single F-35 under $100 million.3 While it appears that Trump had a role to play in this improved price tag, based on all the problems associated with the F-35, it is still an over priced, advanced, flying lemon.

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