Victor Orban interview

by omouggos

Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban.

Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban.

Here is an interesting interview of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. While he is much maligned by the establishment Eurocrats, I have always found Orbán to be a highly sensible leader, a quality scarce among Western politicians. The interview in question is rather informal and it appears Orbán is just speaking his mind. As such it is very revealing and well worth a read.

Here are some highlights

Character is the one thing that can not be learned.

Speaking of his telephone conversation with President-elect Donald Trump, “I have spoken with a real American. Trump does not complicate things like a politician, who would even have a problem with how to start a conversation. There was a common sound. It is rare in politics, especially with the president of a great power.

Speaking of Trump’s victory “Self-made characters are coming, people who themselves are successful, who do not begin a sentence with “I heard about those things,” but say, “I’ve done that.” And they have largely done that.

On Merkel he commented “It’s hard to say when a German is joking and when she is serious.

On Merkel recent talk of banning the burqa, “A snob would say that we are facing a real paradox. The snake is biting its own tail. The liberal approach turns to rebut itself, and I watch it, gaping. To say that you can come into my country and I tell you what you can or cannot wear, it’s difficult to conceive of with common sense. A more honest thing to say would be: I am not happy to see you, stay outside, because I foresee that we will have problems. … I think what we see here is a desperate attempt to try to correct a serious error in judgment. Too little, too late.

On the dangers of his political party’s recent success, “Success is like alcohol; there are some who get real drunk from it; with others has less effect. Anyone who denies this is lying. Every politician must be able to handle this, otherwise the result will be the same as with booze. Then comes the rough sobering-up, hangover and headaches, and he can easily find his stuff out on the sidewalk.

O Mouggos