Ibrahim Karagul:Turkey must pursue advanced weaponry and “nuclear searches”

by omouggos

Ibrahim Karagul thinks Turkey should launch more military interventions in Syria and Iraq (image from seslimakale.com).

Turkish journalist Ibrahim Karagul (image from seslimakale.com).

Ibrahim Karagul is a Turkish journalist who frequently writes editorial pieces for the news outlet Yeni Safak. In his writings he expresses many rather interesting ideas. He believes the West is out to overthrow Erdoğan and partition Turkey into a number of statelets. Towards this end, he vehemently asserts that the US backed the July 15 attempted coup and that the EU has been supporting the Kurdish PKK and PYD militia groups. He has also advocated that Turkey take a more proactive foreign policy, which includes launching more military interventions in Syria and Iraq.

In a recent article he has made some more interesting, possibly alarming, statements. Firstly he has termed the chaotic geopolitical situation that is unfolding in the Middle East, and the world in general, as the “era of extraordinariness“, which he characterizes as:

“the complete disintegration and collapse of the international system, the fields of partnership being in disorder, alliance relations becoming meaningless, the trust ties between states and communities being destroyed and the start of systemic failure.”

With Turkey in the middle of such a tumultuous situation, and with foreign powers such as the US and the EU, among others, plotting against her, Karagul is urging the strengthening of Turkish military power through technological developments:

“…[Turkey] is obliged to place emphasis on its defense and military technology like never before in its history. It must focus on new generation defense systems, ranging from air defense systems, mid- and long-range missiles to nuclear searches, with determination.”

What is particularly interesting in this statement is the reference to “nuclear searches,” the meaning of which is not fully clear to me. However, based on the context, with Karagul talking about military technology including long-range missiles, I can’t help but speculate that he is referring to nuclear weapons.

Undoubtedly Karagul sees his nation as a great one, and commensurate with this greatness, and with the perceived current geopolitical dangers associated with the era of extraordinariness, it makes sense that he would want Turkey to possess nuclear weapons. Furthermore since much of what Karagul writes about is echoed in what the President Erdoğan says, it is not much of a leap to assume that Erdoğan himself also desires that Turkey obtain or develop nuclear weapons, an outcome that would be an alarming development for the Middle East.

Of course I may be reading too much into the writings of Karagul, maybe “nuclear searches” has some other meaning, and even if he is referring to nuclear weapons, this does not necessarily mean that the Turkish state is pursuing nukes. However, in addition to Iran and even Saudi Arabia acquiring nuclear weapons, we may now have to worry about Turkey doing so as well.

O Mouggos