Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky claims Russia has secret magnetic weapon which can devastate the US

by omouggos

Russian politician Zhirinovsky is once again making controversial statements. (image form

Russian politician Zhirinovsky is once again making controversial statements. (image form

Vladimir Zhirinovsky is the rather outspoken leader of the nationalistic Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), a reasonably popular party garnering 13.2% of the vote during the most recent Russian legislative elections. Zhirinovsky is well known for making controversial statements, controversial even by Russian standards.

For instance, on Russian national television he railed against Hillary Clinton saying “A person like that shouldn’t be allowed to be the manager of a bathhouse. Let alone run a country!1 He also called Hillary “a vicious snake” and “a witch.” Because of such bluntness he has been referred to as the Russian Trump and also because he seems to take a liking to the real Trump, calling him “a good man! A kind man!

Zhirinovsky also raised heads during his acceptance speech for the Homeland Merit Award, which was presented to him by President Putin. He declared “the Russian Empire had the best state anthem. It consists of four lines only: God, keep the Tsar safe, sovereign and strong. Rule for our glory, and strike fear in our enemies, oh Orthodox Christian Tsar. God, keep the Tsar safe.2 Many believe his reference to the Tsar was referring to Putin, who was standing only a few feet from him during his speech.

Zhirinovsky has also claimed that the meteor that struck Chelyabinsk Russia in February of 2013, was no mere meteor, but instead was “the Americans trying out a new weapon.3 Way back in the early 90‘s he advocated that Russia retake Alaska from the US.4 Having said such things, it should come as no surprise that Zhirinovsky has strong opinions on the recent souring of relations between Russia and the US.

While being interviewed on a Russian political show called Poedinok, Zhirinovsky said, “If the Americans assume that they will be the first to start [the war], and again there will be bombs falling on our heads – it’s not going to happen. The end will come prior to an attack – June 20, June 22 won’t happen again. [The Nazi’s invaded Russia on June 22, 1941]5

When subsequently questioned by a Romanian journalist “So, as far as I understand you support the idea of preemptive nuclear war?” Zhirinovsky responded “And what do you want? That we will be exterminated? I tell you – no one will dare to attack us, because all those who want to attack us will be neutralized.

Zhirinovsky while talking about magnetic weapons.

When Zhirinovsky speaks of neutralizing Russia’s enemies, presumably one would think such a response would be accomplished through the use of nuclear weapons, however, according to Zhirinovsky Russia has other, even more powerful weapons, that can be used for the job, which apparently includes some type of secret “magnetic” weapon. He elaborated:

“Well, it’s possible to conduct an operation on a small fraction of American territory, this magnetic weapon might be demonstrated in this or another state. Do you remember that there was a tsunami? Thailand, Indonesia – two hundred thousand dead. This was done by the Americans. It was codenamed “Wash up”. We will have to use the most powerful thing– the Earth’s axis. It’s possible to influence it – a couple of degrees to the left, and the entire American continent drowns.  We can do that – you [the Americans] cannot. So, if you drag us there – it’s possible… We may move the axis a bit, and you’ll look in your lenses: one moment there was [once] the US; in another moment – there is no more United States.”

What are we to make of Zhirinovsky’s statements? Probably most people, given the extraordinary claims involved and Zhirinovsky’s penchant for controversy, would dismiss his statements as kooky nonsense, possibly meant to intimidate the US and NATO, and make them think twice before messing with Russia. Or, maybe, Russia does have such a fantastical and devastating weapon.

Ultimately, we have no way of verifying Zhirinovsky’s claims, but in my view we should not get overly distracted by them as what is more important is his talk of a preemptive nuclear strike against the US, if the latter ever seriously threatened Russia. You see Zhirinovsky remembers the sneak attack Nazi Germany performed on the Soviet Union during the Second War World, an invasion which was almost successful and which led to the deaths of tens of millions of Russians. With this history in mind and acknowledging America’s immense military power, he realizes that if the US strikes first, especially with nuclear weapons, then Russia doesn’t stand much chance of winning, let alone surviving, such a conflict.

In such a possible doomsday scenario, Russia’s greatest chance of success and survival is to strike the US first with nukes. As Zhirinovsky responded to the reporter “what do you want? That we will be exterminated?

So while we are unsure that Russia possesses super magnetic weapons, we certainly know that she possesses a formidable and massive arsenal of nuclear weapons, and it appears that there are many in Russia, Zhirinovsky included, who appear willing to use them if needed. Lets hope that the US does not go too far in provoking the Russian Bear, for she is well armed and willing to ferociously defend herself.

O Mouggos