UN hypocrisy: Russia out of the UN Human Rights Council, Saudi Arabia remains

by omouggos

Russia has not been re-elected to the UNHRC. (image from rt.com)

Russia has not been re-elected to the UNHRC. (image from rt.com)

I recently made a post on America’s hypocrisy for chastising Russian airstrikes in Syria, which purportedly are harming civilians greatly, while they say very little about Saudi airstrikes in Yemen, which have killed at least hundreds of civilians. The following story is a supplement to that post and displays that not only is the US hypocritical but so is the UN.

Russia has lost its seat on the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), failing to get the necessary number of votes needed for re-election and losing out to countries such as Hungary and Croatia.1 Presumably Russia is being punished for its human rights violations in Syria. Yet, Saudi Arabia, a country accused of equivalent human rights violations in Yemen, where a UN report has acknowledged 119 number of airstrikes against civilian targets,2 not to mention Saudi’s poor domestic human rights record, was re-elected to the UNHRC.

In response to Russia’s ousting from the UNHRC, Hillel Neuer, Executive Director of UN Watch tweeted “Make no mistake, the humiliation here for Vladimir Putin is unprecedented: 1st time in 70-year history of #UNHRC that #Russia lost its seat.3 Yet it seems to me that it is the UNHRC which has been humiliated and not Russia, for if the latter is so dastardly that it does not deserve a seat in the council than how the hell does Saudi Arabia successfully qualify for one? The situation becomes more ridiculous when we realize that in September of last year a Saudi official  was appointed as the head of the UNHRC’s panel of experts.4

It is becoming abundantly evident that hypocrisy is not limited to the US, but has a home in other organizations, ones supposedly tasked with promoting human rights, such as the UN.

O Mouggos


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