Turkish government and military dismiss the possibility of a second coup

by omouggos

Turkey's top general is not worried about a second coup.

Turkey’s top general is not worried about a second coup.

I recently posted about warnings emanating from Turkey that a second is likely to occur there. While these warnings were by a retired military officer and a prominent journalist (Ibrahim Karagul) it appears that numerous officials in the Turkish government and military see a second coup as unlikely.

Turkey’s highest ranking soldier, the Chief of General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar said “Such rumors will not cease. Rumors [of another coup attempt] are being brought to the agenda through different ways. … But, personally, I don’t regard these rumors as possible. There is no such thing; they have no potential.

While addressing the AKP’s youth wing, Prime Minister Benali described these rumors as “propaganda spread by [the] FETÖ team in order to create a disturbance in society.” However, he still advocates caution saying “But that does not mean that we’ll go into a lull. We’ll be ready day and night.

Probably the most colorful response came from Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, who didn’t seem very fazed by the prospects of another coup, declared “We have a very good saying in Anatolia: We’ll hit their heads with a hammer! No one should worry about it. Our responsibility is to take all measures.

It is interesting that while these important officials have dismissed the likelihood of a second coup, the Turkish government has been decided to extend the state of emergency another 3 months starting on October 19. One wonders if there is nothing to worry about then why the need for the extension? Well, there may in fact be nothing to worry about, but under the false pretext of being “ready day and night”, the emergency measures will be used by Erdoğan to further his political machinations in Turkey. In effect the real threat of a coup of Turkey’s secular democracy is from Erdoğan himself.

O Mouggos