According to Philippe de Villiers France will become an Islamic Republic and the Bilderberg group approves the appointment of French leaders

by omouggos

Philippe de Villiers has an interesting take on what is occurring in France. (image from

Philippe de Villiers is a French entrepreneur, intellectual and politician. He is a staunch traditionalist Catholic, proof of which is evinced by his seven children. In the world of business he is most noted for founding Puy du Fou, a very popular theme park based on French history. For 20 years he was a Member of European Parliament representing and leading the Mouvement pour la France, a euroskeptic, nationalist and traditionalist political party.

A few months ago Villiers gave an interview in which he made a number of interesting comments. Thankfully Gates of Vienna has posted an English translation of the interview.  Villiers doesn’t mince words, he starts the interview (or at least the youtube version of it) by saying “The French political class was bought by Qatar and Saudi Arabia.” He then says that “They hate her [France]. I’ll tell you, what they hate in her. They hate Christianity.

According to Villiers there are two threats facing France, “The Americanization of the world, which is at the same time the world’s commodification, including the commodification of life. This is the venal body; and the Islamization of the world.” He believes that “France will become an Islamic republic,” because of three reasons: the Islamization of France is a concerted “project of Islam”, the differential birthrate between native French and Muslims in favor of the latter, and because of the French’s “spirit of dhimmitude,” meaning they have no will to resist the Islamization of their nation.

A revealing aspect of this interview is Villiers recollection of numerous encounters he has had with notable figures and politicians including King Hassan II of Morocco, Magdi Allam, ‘moderate’ Muslim academic Tariq Ramadan, French politician Alain Juppé, former French Prime Minister Francois Fillon, and Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Villiers’ stories involving the last two were particularly interesting.

As they were walking in Tambov, Solzhenitsyn told Villiers that Eastern Europe and Russia “will recover” from the ravages of Communism, but that the West, “you, you’ll slip into a deep abyss, because you have the disease of emptiness. You will experience an eclipse of intelligence. You are at the last stage, the final stage of spiritual exhaustion.” Looking at what is occurring in the West, it seems that Solzhenitsyn’s words are prophetic.

Villiers also talks a bit about the secretive Bilderberg group, an annual private gathering of elites started in 1954. He recalls “there is one thing that surprised me: one day I learn that Francois Fillon, French Prime Minister, and Alain Juppé, one year later, were approved by the Bilderberg group.” When Villiers confronted Fillon about this matter, the latter responded, “What do you want? They are the ones who govern us!

I suspect many will dismiss Villiers opinions and stories as that of a bigoted right wing fuddy-duddy Catholic, one that espouses crazy conspiracy theories about the Bilderberg group and the Trilateral Commission. Instead, maybe people should take heed of Villiers words, based on what is occurring in Europe and the world do his statements really seem that crazy?

O Mouggos