Dr. Kevin Barrett argues Trump should be executed for suggesting Muslims be profiled

by omouggos

Dr. Barrett thinks Trump should be executed. (image from presstv.ir)

As should be well known by now, Donald J. Trump, the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee, is a rather polarizing figure. There are those that love him as evinced by the crowds of fervent, somewhat adulating, supporters that attend his sold-out rallies, and there are those who loathe him, such as the people stating that if Trump gets elected then it would be advisable to emigrate to Canada or New Zealand.[1]

I must admit that, while I am not an American, I am largely supportive of Trump and his policies. However, I am not of the opinion that he is beyond criticism or that any opposition to him is impermissible or unwarranted. People are free to have and express their political opinions and if they are so put off by a Trump presidency that they wish to flee to another country then good for them. Yet, I have noticed that a decent portion of the criticism and opposition towards Trump appears completely irrational and hysterical. Case in point Dr. Kevin Barrett’s recent assertion that Trump should be executed!

Firstly, for those who may be unaware of who Dr. Barrett is, he is a Arabist-Islamologist who was a founding member of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance. He is regularly interviewed by PressTV and writes for Veterans Today.[2] As you may suspect he is an Islamophile and frequently writes about how many Islamic terrorist attacks are in fact false flag attempts by Western powers to make Islam look bad. As such, it may not be surprising that he is highly critical of Trump’s proposal to profile Muslims, but what may be surprising is the Barrett believes Trump should be executed for such a policy.

This is what Barrett had to say on the topic in a PressTV interview (emphasis mine):[3]

“The first response that any sane American would have is that we have a Constitution that begins in the Bill of Rights, which is really the most important part of the American Constitution.

The First Amendment protects freedom of religion, and that protection is widely taken as essentially absolute, that is the government is barred from any form of preferential treatment of anyone based on their religion.

So the government cannot even take a slightest step towards favoring one religion over another or no religion over religion, and so on and so forth.

So this proposal [the profiling of Muslims advocated by Trump] is blatantly unconstitutional, and essentially by putting it forward Trump is becoming a traitor to the United States of America, because the Constitution is the ultimate authority in the United States.

And advocating the overthrow of the United States Constitution is essentially treason, which technically would make Trump a traitor to the United States of America, meaning he ought to be arrested tried in a militarily court, and summarily executed if, of course, the United States is truly committed to its Constitution.

Unfortunately, the USA has lost its guiding vision that was handed down by its founding fathers, and now has become essentially a real parody of a country seeking ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’ – the phrase from the Declaration of Independence.”

There is nothing per se ridiculous in disagreeing, even vehemently, with Trump’s proposal that Muslims should be profiled so as to prevent radical Islamic terror attacks. After all one could argue that such a proposal is not in accordance with the right of freedom of religion, or it is not an effective means of combating terrorism within the US. Such stances may be erroneous but if defended appropriately are not necessarily unreasonable.

However, Barrett’s interpretation of constitutional law is ridiculous. Even if Trump’s proposal is unconstitutional, that in no way implicates him as a traitor who should be legally executed. There are many laws advocated and passed in the US which ultimately are deemed unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court, yet the proponents of such laws are not accused of treason, convicted and then executed. The advocacy of unconstitutional laws is not necessarily indicative that the advocate wants to overthrow the US constitution.

To many republicans and a significant portion of the US population, numerous of President Obama’s actions are considered to be unconstitutional, yet I have never heard such people demand Obama be executed, yet many do wish to see him impeached. If Barrett’s conception of treason was strictly and objectively enforced then many republicans and democrats would be executed.

People such as Barrett have become hysterical and irrational in their opposition to Trump. And while they may believe that their opprobrium towards Trump is valid and that it will discredit him and hurt his chances of getting elected President, I suspect it will have the opposite effect. For such ridiculous criticism only serves to discredit people like Barret, and as a Trump supporter I can only hope they continue to discredit themselves.

O Mouggos


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