Syrian refugees bring cultural enrichment to New Brunswick

by omouggos

Fredericton has been culturally enriched by Syria migrants (image from

For most Canadians the migrant crisis that has gripped Europe is a problem that is an ocean away. They may see images on the internet or video on the news of the migrants, of them packed into rickety boats ready to capsize in the Mediterranean, of them marching by the thousands in the countryside of Europe, or of them in makeshift refugees camps in Calais or Idomeni. Most Canadians, being the good-natured people that they are, feel great sympathy for the migrants’ plight in Europe, seeing them as innocent refugees fleeing the ravages of war.

However, if one pays closer attention to the ongoings in Europe, it will become evident that the situation is not so simple nor benign. Most of the over 1 million migrants that entered Europe in 2015 were not Syrians fleeing war, but an ethnic hodgepodge of male economic migrants including Afghanis, Iraqis, northern African Arabs, sub-Saharan Africans, Albanians and others. Some of the migrants are motivated by the Islamic doctrine of hijra, a form of jihad that involves emigration to the lands of the infidel.1 Furthermore, among the ranks of the migrants are ISIL operatives, gleefully taking advantage of the mass migration chaos to infiltrate into the West with the intention of conducting future terrorist attacks, to act as recruiters or to help smuggle supplies and personnel from Europe back to the lands of the Caliphate.

Even though the majority of migrants are not ISIL adherents, they still bring with them many problems relating to their culture and religion. Misogynist attitudes, taharrush (a form of gang sexual harassment),2 intolerance and sectarian hatreds, a desire for sharia law, a disdain for democracy, criminality and Islamism are just some of the things being imported into Europe alongside the migrant hordes.

To most Canadians though, such talk seems a bit unsettling and reeks of bigotry and xenophobia. After all Canada is a multicultural melting pot and multiculturalism is based on the tacit axioms that all of the world’s cultures are compatible with each other and that they are all inherently good. It is easy to maintain such a view being thousands of kilometers removed from the situation in Europe, however with Canada having accepted a few thousand Syrian refugees, we are now beginning to experience firsthand the cultural enrichment engendered by some of the refugees.

One such example can be found, of all places, in New Brunswick, which happens to be my home province. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with New Brunswick, it is a relatively small (by Canadian standards) Atlantic province. It has the distinction of being the only officially bilingual province in the country with both French and English being spoken. It is a rather quiet and uneventful area, although if one is fond of the outdoors, there is plenty of wilderness to enjoy.

So you can imagine my surprise when I can across the following story and learned that the problems commonly associated with far off places were now manifesting in my own backyard so to speak. Rebel Media’s Faith Goldy has reported that parents in Fredericton, the capital city of New Brunswick, are alleging that 22-year old Syrian Muslim migrants, who for some reason are attending Fredericton High School (FHS), have been hitting on 14 to 15 year old female students.3

While investigating this story and attempting to validate the claims of the parents, Goldy via a freedom of information request was able to obtain 2,700 documents from FHS, including emails, which revealed Syrian students, some 19 and 20 years old, were aggressive towards teachers and female students, bullying Jewish students and carrying out other unsettling behavior. One email euphemistically stated that some of the migrant students were excited in response to the ISIL attack on the Brussels’ airport.4 Another email writes that many of the migrant students’ refuse to speak English.5 Furthermore, according to the parents, their sons are afraid to confront the misbehaving migrants for fear of being called a racist.

Such student migrant misbehavior appears to be not limited to Fredericton, it has also been reported in the neighboring province of Nova Scotia. In Halifax’s Chebucto Heights Elementary School it has been alleged that on two separate occasions a pair of refugee boys choked a female student with a chain.6 During one of the incidents one of the boys yelled out “Muslims rule the world” while choking the girl. This story was initially reported by the Chronicle Herald, but the article in question was promptly pulled from the Herald’s website, with the explanation “More work needs to be done and will be done before the story is republished.” The Herald was attacked by other media outlets for unprofessionally promoting an alarming story that paints refugees in a bad light based on unsubstantiated anonymous hearsay.7

While the Chebucto Heights incident has not been verified and as such critics of the story are able to label it a xenophobic overreaction or fantasy, the Fredericton case cannot be dismissed so easily, as it is in fact verified by internal school communications between teachers and officials. Since Goldy’s report cannot be denigrated as mere xenophobic claptrap, the Canadian media has largely chosen to ignore it.8

Regardless of the veracity of the Chebucto Heights an FHS incidences, I suspect most Canadians will be dismissive of them seeing their coverage as fear mongering by the bigoted Rebel Media merely meant to inflame anti-migrant sentiments among their fellow Canadians. It seems to me that such people, who dogmatically accept the ideology of multiculturalism, seem to think that it is impossible for the incoming Syrian migrants to behave in a manner inconsistent with Canadian norms. Instead any unsavory reports pertaining to the migrants must be the product of faulty, unethical and unveracious reporting by xenophobes. However, such a view point is vitiated by the reported behavior of migrants in Europe.

For instance there are numerous reported cases of migrant children bullying European children. In Germany an incident was caught on video during which a migrant boy was humiliatingly berating and punching a German boy, saying “You’re a German, you’re nothing!9 In another video recorded incident a migrant boy can be seen repeatedly punching a German boy on roller skates making the latter break down in tears.10 In a Hamburg school multiple parents have complained that a group of migrant children are highly disruptive in class and have beaten up other students.11 The problems caused by migrant children in certain German schools has gotten so bad that many German families are transferring their children to different schools, ones that have fewer migrants, over fears that their children will not be properly educated due to the detrimental effects, such as disrupting class and bullying others, caused by the migrant children.12

In Finland there is a video of a migrant boy bullying and beating up a Finnish boy.13 While in Italy it has been reported that “a Muslim schoolboy of African origin beat a 12-year-old girl  during school because she was wearing a crucifix around her neck.14 The most serious incident occurred in Sweden where a 14 year old Syrian migrant stabbed to death his fellow classmate, 15 year old Lithuanian Arminas Pileckas.15 According to the victim’s parents the Syrian teen was sexually harassing a female student and Arminas intervened to defend the girl. A few month after this incident the migrant boy exacted his revenge. It should be noted that the father of the accused claimed that his son was being bullied and that was the motivation for the stabbing.

These are just some of the incidences that I have come across involving migrant children bullying their European counterparts and causing problems, although I suspect their are many more cases. As such there is ample precedent that migrant children are more than capable of causing the problems reported in schools such as FHS or Chebucto Heights. In other words, as hard as it is to believe for the multiculturalists, it may just be possible that these stories are not the product of xenophobia.

Unfortunately I suspect that the European examples I have adduced will do little to persuade those who have dismissed the incidences in Atlantic Canada. After all they will look at the sources I have referenced, such as breitbart or infowars, and immediately dismiss these articles as right wing, Islamophobic, conspiratorial quackery. And even if they do watch the videos showing migrant boys dominating their European counterparts, they will rationalize it as run of the mill bullying, that has nothing to do with the bullies being migrants.

For such people the only way they will learn that the migrant children and young adults admitted into Canada may actually be troublesome in our schools is the hard way through direct experience, i.e. they will come to their senses only when it is their own children that are being bullied by the migrants. And I suspect, there are many migrants who will be more than happy to teach them the hard way.

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