Obama says Trump has rattled the G7 Leaders. David Stockman says good!

by omouggos

It should be clear that the vaunted elites of the world don’t like Donal Trump very much and are alarmed by his success in the Republican presidential primaries. According to President Barack Obama the world leaders attending the G7 summit are rattled by Trump’s rhetoric. Obviously us peons should listen to the admonitions of the elite and not vote for Trump, after all our political overlords are such intelligent people and their policies have been so beneficial to us.

Thankfully not everyone in the world is so gullible. The contrarian David Stockman has a much different view of things and in a recent article he argues, “Bully for the Donald! These clowns need to be rattled–right to their very bones.” I recommend you read Stockman’s article to learn of the folly of Obama and company, and why it is a good thing Trump is rattling them.

O Mouggos