EU considering Plan B on migrant crisis: Turn Greece into a semi-permanent refugee camp

by omouggos

Some in the EU are having second thoughts on implementing the migrant deal agreed to with Turkey. The sticking point seems to be granting Turkish citizens visa-free travel to EU countries. Also the recent prosecution in Germany of Jan Böhmermann for reciting an insulting poem about Erdoğan, have made many Europeans realize that the Turkish president has dictatorial tendencies and may not be a leader they should be giving into.

This may seems like an encouraging development, however it appears that the EU’s plan B will not be so good for Greece. Instead of deporting the migrants back to their country of origin and enforcing a naval blockade of the Aegean to prevent the future flow of migrants and refugees into Europe, the EU is considering turning Greece into a refugee camp of sorts.[1] In this contingency plan “Greek islands would serve not just as reception centers for the refugees, but as semi-permanent refugee camps, much like those that have been built near the Syrian border in Jordan and Lebanon.

For an understanding of the potential negative consequences for Greece if it is turned into a “semi-permanent” host of refugees, you can read this MEMRI report on how Jordanian columnists feels about what has happened to their country as a result of hosting millions of refugees. It should be noted that these refugees in Jordan are fellow Arabs from Syria and Palestine who have the same religion and language, and a very similar culture. In contrast the Greeks have a different religion and culture, and speak a different language than the incoming refugees and migrants, which means that the problems associated with hosting refugees will be exacerbated for Greece.

One wonders what over benefits Greece will receive from their EU membership.

O Mouggos