Turkish vessel harasses Greek fishermen on Good Friday

by omouggos

Greek naval vessel escorts Turkish patrol boat out of Greek waters.

Orthodox Christians, who follow the Julian calendar as opposed to the Gregorian calendar of Catholics and Protestants, have just observed Good Friday, the day that Jesus Christ was crucified. For the faithful it is a day of fasting, bible reading and hymns. However, for the Turkish coast guard it was a good day for violating Greek maritime sovereignty.

On Friday the crew of the Agios Dimitrios, a Greek fishing boat off the coast Inousses, was threatened with arrest by a Turkish patrol boat.[1] According to the latter, the Agios Dimitrios was in Turkish waters. The situation was defused when a Greek navy gunboat, the Krateos, escorted the Turkish patrol boat to actual Turkish waters.[2] As it wasn’t enough to violate Greece’s maritime sovereignty, 6 Turkish F-16’s violated Greek airspace over the islands of Makronisi and Anthropofagoi. Such actions are no big deal, the Turks were probably just looking for tsourekia.

O Mouggos


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