Greek politicians exempt themselves from austerity measures

by omouggos

There are many perks to being a politician. I guess for all the lying and double-talking they do, they should be entitled to things that the commoners are not, such as exempting themselves from the laws that they themselves pass and implement.

For example in Greece, in abidance with the austerity measures demanded by the Quartet, a bill has been passed that includes substantial tax hikes and cuts to pensions. Maybe such measures, while painful and unpopular, are necessary to help Greece out of its economic catastrophe, yet while the Greek people have to bear the burden of these measures, the Greek politicians do not.

You see George Katrougalos, the Greek Minister for Labour, has included in the bill an exemption for Members of Parliament, as well as Mayors and Prefects.[1] You would think that if the political class in Greece, who bear much culpability for dragging the country into the mess it is currently in, wants the Greek people to accept the burden of austerity, that they themselves would also accept that burden.

Are they not citizens like everyone else and wouldn’t the politicians bearing such measures provide an inspiring example to the people? Apparently not. Some people are more equal than others.

Unfortunately expecting such behavior from Greek politicians, and politicians in most other countries for that matter, is expecting too much. The problem is that we have self-serving politicians and not statesmen who actually care for the nation and people they serve. Some thought that SYRIZA would be different than the other political parties that preceded them, but they turned out to be little different.

With the way things are going in Greece, one wonders how long it will be before the people physically revolt against their own government.

O Mouggos