Al-Arabiya launched full out editorial attack on Trump

by omouggos

Al Arabiya doesn't seem to like Donald Trump.

Al Arabiya doesn’t seem to like Donald Trump.

A little while ago the National Review, a noted conservative periodical, devoted an entire issue to criticizing Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump. More recently the Economist has been setting their editorial sights on Trump publishing articles such as Time to Fire Trump.

Yet the concerted attacks by the National Review and the Economist were predated by an onslaught I observed three months ago (I meant to blog about this earlier, but I guess my time management skills need improving). At that time I was perusing the editorial section of the Al-Arabiya website and noticed that four of the five daily editorial pieces were harshly critical of Trump.

Here is a sampling of the authors and the titles of their articles. Khalaf Ahmad Al-Habtoor, Ignore Trump’s bigotry at your peril. Abdulrahman al-Rashed, Trump, Le Pen are ISIS’s best friends. Hisham Melhem, Donald Trump: the scoundrel we deserve. Yara al-Wazir, Trumping Trump’s claims about Muslims and the U.S. Brooklyn Middleton, Why the Muslim world should boycott Trump. And Caitlin Miller, GOP presidential debate in Vegas: The joker is Trump.

Just from reading the titles we can gleam that Trump is a bigot, scoundrel, joker, and friend of ISIL who should be boycotted by the Muslim world. Maybe I am off the mark here but it strikes me that the editorial writers of Al-Arabiya are not too fond of Trump, maybe even a bit biased against him (see the above image for other headlines pertaining to Trump found on the Al-Arabiya website).

If one actual reads the editorials in question, it gets even better. Al-Habtoor likens Trump to Hitler writing that Trump’s strategy of “exploiting people’s fears of ‘the other’ with racism and bigotry” echoes that of a “certain Austrian painter.” He also suspected “that if Trump has his way, we [Muslims] would be slaughtered.” So in other words Trump is a Hitlerian figure who has a final solution in store for the Muslims. Furthermore, Al-Habtoor characterizes Trump’s supporters as primarily being “non-college-educated,” i.e. idiots.

According al-Rashed ISIL and similar groups “thrive on speeches made by racist figures like Trump.” He went on to say that “We nowadays live in an intertwined planet, where we watch the same videos and news, see the same photos and read the same comments whether they’re made in New York or in Raqqa!” In other words he is equating Trump, who is from New York, with ISIL!

Middleton describes Trump’s speeches “as word salad” and as “racist and sexist tirades” and that he was “embarrassing the entire nation” of America. So as to counter Trump, Middleton argues that “the Arab world should halt all business deals with” him, a strategy also advocated by Al-Habtoor.

Melhem provided a rather colorful and scathing description of Trump as “a narcissistic, politically illiterate buffoon, a bigoted scoundrel with the vocabulary of a 13-year-old.” (Isn’t it off how a politically illiterate buffoon is trouncing supposedly politically literate candicates.) He then went on to compare Trump with other “dangerous demagogues” such as George Wallace, Huey Long and Joe McCarthy.

This is just some of the venom unleashed by the writers of Al-Arabiya against Trump. While people are entitled to their opinions and no individual is beyond reproach, these writers appear to be engaged in a smear campaign against Trump.

As I have said before Trump is no perfect angelic like being, but neither is he the scoundrel that Al-Arabiya and others portray. Do people really believe that just because he wants to limit Muslim immigration into the US, in light of all the violence caused by radical Islamist groups throughout the world, that by extension Trump wants to ethnically cleanse Muslims? Just because Trump is nationalistic and at times insulting towards people–people who, in my opinion, are well deserving of a verbal slap in the face–that he is equivalent to Hitler or Mussolini? Does it really make sense to believe that a man who is a billionaire, making his fortune through numerous endeavors and by developing properties throughout the world, is an idiotic buffoon?

I will let the reader ponder these questions, but there is one final thing that should be considered. Al-Arabiya is a Saudi owned media operation. It seems odd to me that journalists and analysts who are funded by the Saudis are so critical of Trump in the manner that they are. One wonders if they would unleashed one tenth of the vitriol that they do against Trump against their own bosses the Saudis?

Never forget that Saudi Arabia is one of the most vicious and intolerant nations on the earth and that it is the wellspring Wahhabism, a Sunni ideology which forms the foundation of such groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIL. The editorial writers of Al-Arabiya should spare us their sanctimonious blather against Trump. Instead of focusing on the splinter in Trump’s eye, maybe they should take notice of the veritable plank in eye of their paymasters the Sauds. If any group should be boycotted for the sake of Muslims it should be them and not Trump.

O Mouggos