PressTV misinformation on US soldier killed by ISIL rocket attack in Iraq

by omouggos

Makhmur district, where a ISIL rocket attack killed a US marine. (image from

On Saturday a US marine stationed in Makhmur Iraq, a town 75 miles southeast of ISIL held Mosul, was killed and a few others were wounded by an ISIL rocket attack.[1] The recently established base at Makhmur appears to be a forward firing position having hundreds of marines and artillery. The fallen marine is only the second American soldier killed by ISIL in Iraq.[2]

This story has been covered by PressTV and, as usual[3], they have blatantly misrepresented it to serve the purposes of Iranian propaganda. Here is the opening of the PressTV article in question:[4]

“The US Defense Department has announced the death of an American service member as a result of ‘enemy’ fire in northern Iraq.

The trooper was killed on Saturday during a rocket attack on a base in the region, said the Pentagon.

The so-called US-led coalition against Daesh (ISIL) earlier said a trooper had been killed due to enemy action, but had declined to specify the nationality of the dead.

The latest fatality came after an indirect rocket attack on a base at Makhmur, CNN said, citing a US official as saying that a “small number” of other American troops were also wounded there.”

Nowhere in the article does it say who conducted the attack except that it was the result of “enemy fire.” The only time ISIL or Daesh (the Arab acronym for ISIL) is mentioned is to say the “so-called US-led coalition against Daesh” and to point out that the Iraqi government has complained about the “ineffectiveness” of US airstrike against Daesh.

Now one could argue that based on the article one could just assumed that ISIL was the culprit, after all who else could have conducted the attack (possibly Shiite militias)? However, news articles are not meant to be exercises in inference, they are supposed to objectively convey the facts of a particular happening or incident, which PressTV did not do in this case.

PressTV, and their bosses the Iranian government, do not want their readers to know that America soldiers are actually being killed by ISIL. Such knowledge would indicate that America and ISIL are enemies fighting each other, but the Iranians want people to believe that the US has no desire to seriously fight ISIL and is even using them as a proxy army to destabilize the region.

There may be some truth to Iranian propaganda against America. There is little doubt that American military efforts against ISIL have been minimal and desultory. It is also true that the US and its Sunni allies had some role to play in the emergence of ISIL, most likely seeing them as an effective proxy army against Bashar al-Assad.

However, this does not mean that the US is in cahoots with ISIL or that they are not fighting them at all, as PressTV would like you to believe. As always, be on guard when reading PressTV articles.

O Mouggos


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[2] See my previous post on the Hawija raid in which a US Delta Force operator was killed.

[3] See my previous post More examples of PressTV misinformation.