Max Boot says he would rather vote for Stalin than Trump

by omouggos

Neoconservative wonk Max Boot (

The anti-Trump hysteria is reaching a fever pitch in America, and even in other countries, as Donald Trump continues to do well in the republican primaries. To a certain extent the aversion towards Trump by the political and cultural left is to be expected. But what is rather unexpected is that some of the fiercest reactions against Trump are from certain elements of the right.

It is almost like the political body of the republicans is experiencing anaphylactic shock after being exposed to the venom that is the Trump campaign. In simpler terms they are having a massive hissy fit which is both entertaining and baffling to an observer like myself.

Of all the things being said about Trump by the American right, or maybe it is better to term them the so-called right, Max Boot’s recent comments strike me as being the most ridiculous. A top adviser to ‘little’ Marco Rubio, Mr Boot is a neoconservative and fellow on the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), who has been described as “one of the world’s leading authorities on armed conflict.[1]

Recently during an interview with the New York Times, Boot said “I would sooner vote for Josef Stalin than I would vote for Donald Trump.[2] Maybe Boot is speaking facetiously, but such a statement doesn’t strike me as befitting of a leading world authority.

If you want to know how evil Stalin was, I recommend that you read Robert Conquest’s book The Harvest of Sorrow which tells the story of the Holodomor, in which millions of Ukrainian and Russian peasants died of famine.[3] This famine was no act of God. It was a “terror-famine” inflicted by Stalin’s Soviet government to eliminate the kulaks and other enemies of the Soviet communist state. This is just one example of the terrible crimes committed by Stalin.

With this in mind, it is rather shocking, even to me sickening, that Boot would consider, even facetiously, that Stalin is a preferable voting option over Trump. While Donald Trump does have his flaws–including inter alia his brash egotism, his constant insulting of others, his less than conservative political record and his alleged shady business dealings–these faults are mere peccadilloes compared to Stalin’s genuine atrocities. Yet, according to Boot, Stalin would be a better choice than Trump for President of the US!

The absurdity of Boot’s statement is amplified by the fact that he is a neoconservative and that the neoconservatives have been bashing Putin for his ‘intervention’ in Ukraine and his de facto annexation of Crimea. The neocon’s would have us believe that they oppose Russian expansionism in Ukraine because they have sympathy for the Ukrainian people and do not what them to lose their freedom to the Russians.

However, if a neocon like Boot is so concerned with the Ukrainian people, why would he belittle them by effectively stating Stalin is a better person than Trump, when it was largely the Ukrainian people who were the victims of Stalin’s Holodomor? Does he not understand that part of the reason that the Ukrainians of today are against Russia is because of the atrocities committed by Stalin? But don’t expect any sense from the neocon’s when it comes to their utopian quest to maintain and further their hegemony within America and the world.

The establishmentarian right, as represented by Boot and his ilk, are attempting to discredit Trump in the eyes of the American voter and undoubtedly they are having some measure of success. Yet their ridicule is so hysterical and absurd that its main effect could be to discredit themselves and further cement Trump’s support. After all who in their right mind would take political advise from a man who prefers to be ruled over by Stalin as opposed to Trump.

O Mouggos