Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu allegedly dismisses Greece’s sovereignty

by omouggos

Foreign Ministers of Greece and Turkey (image from protothema.gr)

While there are talks within the EU and between the EU and Turkey attempting to deal with the migrant crisis, it appears that the flow of migrants pouring into Europe continues unabated. If anything it is intensifying as in 2016 over 110,000 migrants have entered Europe, a 30 fold increase over the same period in 2015.[1]

With the migrant crisis ongoing, during an official visit to Greece, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said, “Whether it is your island [Greece’s], or my island? Such matters are not on the table when it concerns issues of rescue.[2] So basically due to humanitarian concerns pertaining to the safety of migrants traversing the Aegean Sea, the sovereignty of Greece is of secondary importance in the view of the Turkish government.

I guess this may help to explain why Turkey repeatedly violates Greek airspace, all in the name of helping the migrants. But what do these violations have to do with helping the migrants? Furthermore these violations have been occuring long before the migrant situation escalated to the intensity seen in 2015.

As such, Turkey disrespects Greek sovereignty not because they are attempting to help the migrants. Instead it is more likely that the migrant issue is pretext to provide a palatable justification for Turkish actions vis-à-vis Greece.

Don’t be fooled by all this talk of compassion towards the migrants or the desire to help them. Sadly the plight of the migrants are incidental to the aims of the nations involved, and with Turkey the primary aim is the re-establishment of the new caliphate.

O Mouggos


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