For all practical purposes Greece is no longer a sovereign nation

by omouggos

The following story is almost unbelievable, but sadly, it is in fact true. You may have heard of Alexi Tsipras’ recent trip to Iran, but you are probably unaware of a scandalous incident which occurred on Tsipras’ plane ride there.

It has now been confirmed that due to a Turkish refusal of the plane’s flight path, that the Greek Prime Minister’s plane did not stop to refuel at the Greek island of Rhodes.[1] In other words, the Turks demanded that Tsipras not refuel his plane on Rhodes, otherwise they would not allow his plane to traverse Turkish airspace, and Tsipras duly compiled.

So in effect the Prime Minister of Greece is not ‘free’ to use his own national territory due to the protestations of a foreign country who consider the island of Rhodes to be a ‘demilitarized zone.’

This humiliation is compounded by Turkey’s recent violations of Greek airspace and naval space. On Saturday a Turkish frigate harassed an Italian ship between the Greek islands of Karpathos and Rhodes, to which a Greek frigate responded, prompting the Turkish vessel to leave the area.[2]

Then on Monday, 6 Turkish fighter jets and a transport plan violated Greek air space 20 times.[3] Two of the jets were armed and engaged in mock dogfights with scrambled Greek jets. Then yesterday a total of 21 Turkish aircraft (14 of which were fighter jets) made 10 violations of air traffic rules and 3 violations of Greek airspace.[4] Seems like it was a busy week for the Turks.

With all this in mind, although the title of this post may seem a bit harsh or alarmist, how can Greece consider itself a sovereign nation if its airspace is violated with impunity by Turkey and its Prime Minister cannot even land his plane in his own territory due to Turkish demands? If we also consider the fact that for the last few years Greece has effectively been a protectorate ruled by the troika, now the quadriga, then, sadly, what other conclusion can be drawn except that Greece, is in fact, no longer a sovereign nation.

O Mouggos