Are male migrants coming to Europe in search of women?

by omouggos

Dr. Gunnar Heinsohn (image from

Many explanations have been given as for why hordes of migrants from the Middle East and Africa are streaming into Europe. We are told that people are fleeing the war in Syria, or that they are fleeing repressive dictators or the savagery of ISIL. It may also be due to the poverty in region. Others argue that it is a plot by ISIL intended to economically overwhelm European nations and to provide cover for jihadi operatives entering Europe. Some also believe that a Hijra is occurring in which millions of Muslims emigrate to Europe so as to demographically conquer the continent in the name of Islam. These are just some of the explanations given for the migrant crisis.

But Dr. Gunnar Heinsohn, a German economist and sociologist, has put forth a rather unique explanation. According to him many of the young male migrants coming from the Middle East are in a “roaming-and-looting mode.” They come from countries in which polygamy is practiced and as a result they are unable to find a wife in their homelands. This is what is driving them to come Europe, they are looking for mates.

Couple this to the fact that many of these migrants see the native Europeans as kuffar and that their credo is “Your women will be our whores, your children our slaves![*] then it becomes understandable why migrants perpetrated a wave of sexual assaults throughout European cities on New Year’s night.

Dr. Heinsohn’s theory is undoubtedly controversial and politically incorrect, which is not surprising from him as he has previously labelled Europe “a continent of losers.” Yet the crux of his theory is that the migrants are different from us. They have instincts (sexual and violent in nature), cultural traits and a level of aggression that are foreign to the people’s of Europe.

It may make us uneasy to even contemplate that Dr. Heinsohn’s theory may be correct, let alone accept it. We must contend with the possibility that the migrants entering Europe are bringing with themselves cultural beliefs and practices that are not compatible with the European way of life and culture. Such a consideration is contrary to the Western dogma of multiculturalism, but dismissing it out of hand, without seriously considering it, will do us little good.

O Mouggos

[*] Dr. Heinsohn traveled to the Middle East where he reported that he had frequently heard the given quotation.