Madeleine Albright: Vote for Hillary Clinton or face eternal damnation

by omouggos

In a democratic country voting is almost like a secular sacrament and is among the core tenants of secular faith for a Westerner. Yet I never figured that who you voted for, or did not vote for, would effect the eternal destination of your soul. But what do I know.

According to Madeleine Albright, one time US Secretary of State under Bill Clinton, if women do not vote for Hillary Clinton then hell fire awaits them. At a campaign event sharing the stage with Hillary, Albright said:

“Young women have to support Hillary Clinton. The story is not over. … They’re going to want to push us back. It’s not done and you have to help. Hillary Clinton will always be there for you. And just remember, there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.”

Of course this was just a rhetorical tactic to emphasize the importance of supporting Hillary and it was just a joke as evinced by Hillary’s subsequent hearty laughter. But in my view, and that of many others, this is no joking matter, especially coming from someone with the history of Madeleine Albright.

You see Albright was directly involved in the sanctions levied against Saddam Hussein in the 1990’s, sanctions that led to the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children. When confronted during an interview (see video below) on whether these sanctions were worth the deaths of so many children, Albright responded by saying, “I think this is a very hard choice. But we think the price is worth it.

So sanctions which were ineffective in ousting Saddam Hussein from power, but which did succeed in killing 500,000 children (note Albright did not dispute these numbers) were “worth it.

Albright was also involved in the 78 day long NATO bombing campaign of Serbia. During that campaign over 10,000 bombing sorties were flown using 23,614 munitions (6,303 tonnes worth) on targets throughout Serbia, including civilian infrastructure. At least 500 civilians were killed (although some estimates are significantly higher) and an estimated $29 billion of damages were inflicted. It is interesting to note that the Serbian bombing campaign was considerably more intense than the current US-coalition bombing campaign against ISIL.[*] In 2012 when Albright was confronted by Serbian activists over her culpability in NATO bombing campaign of Serbia, she can be heard referring to them as “disgusting Serbs.

With all this in mind, it seems to me that Albright shouldn’t be joking about others going to hell when she has such moral stains on her own resume. If there is in fact any divine punishment associated with voting for or against Hillary Clinton, given her sordid past and her near pathological lying, it would seem that voting for Hillary may be grounds for spending sometime in purgatory. But as Paul Joseph Watson points out, if any one is going to hell, it’s Madeleine Albright.

O Mouggos

[*] As of February 8, 2016 it has been reported by that the 549 day long bombing campaign against ISIL in Syria and Iraq has involved 10,202 coalition airstrikes with 35,006 munitions being used. This equates to 63.8 munitions per day compared to 302.7 munitions per day dropped on Serbia. Thus the NATO bombing campaign against Serbia was 4.7 times more intense than that of the US coalition against ISIL.