ISIL got chemical weapons from Libya

by omouggos

It has long been thought that Libya’s weapons of mass destruction were destroyed following an agreement between Western nations and Mu’ammer Muhammad Qaddafi. However, according to the Qaddafi’s cousin and former Libyan intelligence official, Ahmad Qadhaf Al-Dam, not all of Libya’s chemical weapons were destroyed. Instead some were kept in remote bases in the desert interior of the country so as to protect Libya’s national interests.

With the fall and death of Qaddafi, partially thanks to the intervention of Western nations, Libya descended into chaos, with numerous tribal and Islamist groups fighting against each other. To this day, the chaos remains, and in this lawless zone ISIL has been able to establish itself. Not only has ISIL been furthering the geographic extant of their caliphate and attempting to provide themselves with a convenient base to launch attacks into southern Europe (i.e. nearby Italy), according to Al-Dam they also gained access to Qaddafi’s chemical weapons.

Al-Dam told an interviewer that:

“It is no secret that these [poison] gases exist in Libya. To be fair, ISIS is not the only one. Everyone has poisonous gases. It’s not only in Libya. Everybody knows this. The Western countries know this. They have spies [in Libya]. They are the ones who attacked Libya, and then left these dangerous weapons there.

[When asked who got these gases in after the fall of Libya] ISIS and others… Unfortunately, these weapons were smuggled out of Libya, as the world knows. I believe that the weapons that reached Syria originated in Libya.

The weapons that Bashar Al-Assad was falsely accused of using came from Libya. This is well known. A Turkish opposition member talked about this in detail, giving names and presenting data. Western sources know the names of those who transferred the weapons from Libya, and know where the weapons went, how they entered [Syria], and what use they were put to. It was a big scandal.”

Yes a big scandal that most Westerners have not even heard of. Instead they are told that it was Assad’s regime that attempted to gas Syrian civilians, when instead it was ISIL using poison gas likely obtained from Libya. Isn’t it odd that we invaded Iraq for the reason of preventing non-existent weapons of mass destruction from falling into the hands of terrorists, yet in Libya we overthrew Qaddafi thereby enabling chemical weapons to fall into the hands of ISIL. Why didn’t American or European special forces secure the chemical weapon stockpiles in Libya? I guess Hillary Clinton was too preoccupied laughing over the demise of Qaddafi.

O Mouggos