PressTV reports ISIL executes 12 people, but did it tell the whole story?

by omouggos

Forgive me if it seems that I am picking on PressTV, but here is yet another example of them covering a story while omitting an important detail, most likely to maintain the positive image of their owner, the state of Iran. It was reported that ISIL threw 12 people off of the tallest building in Mosul. While we may be thankful that PressTV is bringing the atrocities of ISIL to the attention of the world, it again appears that they may not be telling us the whole story.

No where in the article did it mention the reason for ISIL’s execution of these people. It was mentioned that ISIL has previously executed people by throwing them off of high buildings “over various charges.” What the PressTV article did not mention was that this form of corporal punishment is usually meted out by ISIL to homosexuals.[*]

As far as I can tell, every instance of ISIL tossing people off of buildings is a punishment against homosexuals. So why would PressTV not even mention this in their article? Maybe the 12 people in question executed by ISIL in Mosul were not homosexuals and were killed in this manner for another reason, in which cause it is understandable that PressTV may not mention the link between homosexuality and being tossed off of buildings by ISIL. Or maybe it was an oversight by the author. However, I think there is another possible explanation.

I suspect that PressTV did not mention that the victims were possibly homosexuals because the owners of PressTV, Iran, is a country where homosexuality is also punishable by death. It has been estimated that since 1979, the year that the Ayatollahs came to power, that around 4,000 homosexuals have been executed in Iran. Now Iran does not throw gays off buildings they usually just hang them, so I guess one can argue that they are a bit more humane than ISIL, but they still consider homosexuality as worthy of corporal punishment.

With this in mind it makes sense why PressTV did not mention the connection between corporal punishment and homosexuality, because in the eyes of Iranians who support the Ayatollah, they see nothing wrong with this. Furthermore they may be hesitant to criticize ISIL on such grounds, because such criticisms would also be applicable to their own country.

So as I have said numerous times before, always be vigilant when reading news websites, in particular PressTV. They may present many articles exposing the horrors wrought by ISIL, but they do so because ISIL is the enemy of Iran. Never forget that PressTV serves the purposes of the Iranian government and that even when they generally report the truth, they are still distorting it for their own benefit as evinced by the article in question.

O Mouggos

[*] I believe that ISIL bases this punishment for homosexuality on the views of Abd Allah Ibn Abbas–one of the Sahaabah or companions of the Prophet Muhammad, a koranic scholar and an author of some hadiths–who advocated that homosexuals be thrown down from a high place and then be stoned. See