Egyptian TV host thinks Obama should be impaled

by omouggos

It appears that disdain for American President Barack Obama is not limited to the right wing of America, it can also be found in the Middle East. For instance in Egypt a TV host named Ahmed Moussa recently unleashed a scathing denunciation of the President of America.

On television Moussa called Obama a “liar” and an “ally of terrorists,” who “deserves to stand trial” and who should be sent “to the guillotine” by Congress. He then went on that Obama “should be sat on an impalement rod.” He concluded that “If Obama had any courage and dignity–which he has not–he would have said: I resign today to face trial. That is how it is done in respectful countries.

These rather harsh words were prompted by Obama’s insipid response to the San Bernardino terrorist attack and in particular to his comments given one week before the attack that “We know of no specific and credible intelligence indicating a plot on the homeland.[1] Moussa believes that Obama must have known something was afoot, and for him to make such a statement indicates he was lying and possibly “connected to the terrorists who carried out the attack.

While many in America may agree with Moussa that Obama is a liar and that he should resign or be impeached, and some conspiratorial types suspect that he is working for the other side, I know of no one advocating him to be guillotined or impaled. As such most will consider Moussa’s comments to be over the top, but I suspect that many in Egypt and in other Arab countries share similar sentiments.

Particularly in Egypt there is distrust and disdain for Obama as he is considered a supporter of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood and their Egyptian leader Mohamed Morsi. Conversely Obama is seen as being critical of and against the current leader in Egypt, Abdel Fatta el-Sisi, who many Egyptians consider to be a hero for putting an end to the reign of the Muslim Brotherhood.

With this in mind many Egyptians see Obama as a supporter of terrorism and as someone who is attempting to destroy their once stable and reasonably prosperous country through his support of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood. So while one may not agree with the extremeness of Moussa’s opinions it is understandable based on Egyptian perceptions.

It is interesting to compare Moussa’s current attitude towards Obama to that of Egyptians when Obama first came to power. In 2009 the President gave a much vaunted speech at the Al-Azhar University in Cairo entitled “A New Beginning.[2] Many in attendance and others all around the world truly believed and hoped that a new beginning was afoot and that Obama would be the person to lead the world into a better age.

Change did come, but not the kind hoped for. Instead chaos and terror would spread throughout the Middle East. The Arab Spring turned into an Arab Winter. Libya descended into chaos. Syria into a bloody and ongoing civil war. ISIL burst onto the scene spreading death and destruction in its wake. In the eyes of many Egyptians and Arabs these and other calamities that have befallen the Middle East are due to six years of Obama’s ineffectual global leadership.

So it is no wonder that Egyptians like Moussa have absolute disdain for President Obama. I share this disdain of Obama, although I believe it inappropriate and wrong to call for his impalement or guillotining. Ideally he should be impeached, stripped of the Presidency and allowed to pass his time playing golf. But as Moussa implied America is no longer a respectful nation, so Obama will finish his term in office, during which time his ineptitude and dogmatic adherence to his ideology will only further fan the flames of chaos now gripping the world and the Middle East in particular.

O Mouggos