O Mouggos

Possibility Some of the Paris Attackers were Migrants

by omouggos

It is being reported that possibly two of the suicide bombers who participated in the Paris attacks may have been migrants who entered Europe through Greece in October. On the corpse of one of the attackers was found a Syrian passport, the information of which when checked by Greek authorities confirmed that the bearer of the passport (which may be a fake), Ahmed Almuhamed, had been registered on the Greek island of Leros on October 3 and then four days later crossed into Serbia on route to France. French authorities also have reason to suspect that a second attacker was also a refugee who entered Europe via Greece.

If these reports are true, then they should come as no surprise. From the perspective of a blood thirsty terrorist it would be stupid not to send battle hardened jihadi fighters dispersed among the massive migrant hordes into Europe. Once arriving at their destination these terrorist could then wait for the signal to launch attacks on targets throughout Europe, which evidently has already occurred in the Paris attacks as Iraqi intelligence notified their French counterparts the day before the attacks that ISIL’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had ordered for terrorist attacks to be conducted in France and other coalition countries.

For a group like ISIL that wants to spread terror and death throughout the world, the most difficult aspect of fulfilling this aim is to place well trained operatives in countries to be attacked. Lone wolf terrorism while effective has it limitations because its perpetrators are usually inadequately trained. Thus battle hardened jihadis are needed to perform complex and devastating attacks. But, under normal conditions a jihadi operative, who has been trained in Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan can be tracked by Western intelligence agencies, and either prevented from entering a country or arrested within the country before they can conduct their attacks.

With the open borders of Europe, especially at the periphery, and the massive influx of at least 800,000 migrants through those borders in 2015 alone, Western intelligence agencies are unable to adequately vet every incoming migrant, many of whom have fake Syrian passports. Thus ISIL is praising Allah. They can easily send in their equivalent of commandos, possibly in the thousands, all disguised as suffering Syrian refugees.

That it has to be repeatedly emphasized and argued that ISIL is infiltrating Europe via the migration crisis, and that when one makes such arguments they are denigrated with taunts of bigot, xenophobe or fascist indicates the madness that has gripped Western society, especially its ruling and academic classes. Just because one is arguing against the massive influx of migrants assailing Europe and demanding more stringent border controls does not necessarily mean that person is motivated by xenophobia or jingoism. No just maybe that person was concerned about the entry of vicious jihadis into his country and the possibility of deadly attacks, just like what has occurred in Paris.

Not everyone in Europe is oblivious to these dangers. For instance Nigel Farage, the leader of the English UKIP political party, warned in June “that ISIS have been absolutely frank in saying that they will use this migration of people to put jihadi fighters into Europe. So there is a very big security worry as well.” Farage was correct, but few heeded his warning at the time for he was considered a crazy far-right nationalistic bigot.

But maybe things are starting to change and Europe is finally awakening to the danger it is facing. People are being to realize that the voices of Nigel Farage or of Marie Le Pen are not those of hatred or lunacy, but are voices of sanity. Even France’s socialist President Francois Hollande has temporarily closed his national borders. But only time will tell whether the needed measures will be maintained and expanded upon. Unfortunately there are still many who are unswayed by, blind or willfully ignorant towards the dangers lurking within the masses of migrants entering Europe. How many more of their fellow country must be killed before they wake up to reality?

O Mouggos

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