Jihadis Attack Paris, Salon is Concerned with Conservatives

by omouggos

In the wake of the terrible attacks in Paris there have been many reactions. Survivors of the attacks are in a state of shock at the carnage they have experienced, when all they were trying to do was enjoy a Parisian night. Families of the slain victims are grieving the loss of their love ones, who were mercilessly cut down by machine gun fire and explosions. Others are saddened by the killings and are in disbelief that such an atrocity could occur in a European city. Such horrors may frequently happen in the Middle East, but not in Europe. Many are angry, that their countryman were killed, that in their eyes their leadership does nothing to protect them, only mumbling useless platitudes, and that a group like ISIL has not yet been annihilated by the free nations of the world. These are just some of the reactions elicited by the Paris attacks and they are all understandable and to be expected.

But there was one reaction to the Paris attacks that boggles the mind. Of all the things to focus on, to be concerned with and to think about in response to the attacks, the progressive news website Salon, tweeted the following:

“Real terror unfolds in Paris. Perhaps this will convince the right to done down their incessant violent rhetoric.”

If I am to be charitable, I am not sure exactly what this tweet means. Is Salon attempting to contrast the real terror in Paris with the meaningless blathering of the right to enlighten the latter that they should focus on issues of real importance. Is Salon proposing a link between the right’s rhetoric and the terror attacks in Paris? Did the former provoke the latter? While the meaning is ambiguous to a degree it is clear that Salon is attempting to link the right to the Paris attacks, which seems odd to say the least. And what exactly is so “violent” about the rhetoric of the right? And why the use of this adjective which associates conservative rhetoric with the real violence and carnage of the jihadis’ attack on Paris. Furthermore while Salon’s tweet was a intended as a censure of the right, the Paris attacks have actually validated their rhetoric, for they have been warning about the likelihood of such an attack. So of all the things to tweet why would Salon associate Islamic terrorism with the right? What were they thinking?

Maybe the answer is to be found in a book the popular ‘right wing’ radio show host Michael Savage. In 2005 Dr. Savage, who undoubtedly in the eyes of Salon is one of the incessant and violence spewing rhetoricians of the right, wrote a book called Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. His contention was that liberals–he really means progressive leftists–exhibit behavior and hold ideas that are nonsensical, and that trying to rationalize the nonsensical beliefs of liberals is fruitless because their rational faculties are clouded by the mental disorder known as liberalism. It is not my purpose here to prove or deny Dr. Savage’s contention. Undoubtedly, conservatives and right wingers will be amused by and to some extent, possibly completely, agree with Dr. Savage, while progressives and left wingers will think him to be a crazy and loud mouthed bloviator. Nonetheless in my view Salon’s tweet provides supporting evidence for Dr. Savage’s thesis.

You see while the progressives at Salon probably do not suffer from a full blown mental disorder such as schizophrenia or clinical psychosis, their minds are undoubtedly impaired due to their ideology, which makes them unable to recognize individuals and entities that are a threat to their very existence. In certain respects progressivism and Islam are antithetical. Some progressives such as Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins realize this, but the majority do not. These same progressives for all intents and purposes have a hatred for Christianity, yet inexplicably seem rather indifferent to Islam, which shares a similar moral code yet is more intolerant of sinful behavior. Thus if progressives despise Christianity, they should have even stronger negative feelings towards Islam. The fact that this is not generally the case is at least partially indicative of Dr. Savage’s contention that liberalism is a mental disorder.

I will not at this moment explore why progressives have a blinding disdain towards Christianity and the right, that is a topic for a later post or series of posts, but what is important to note is that this ideological driven disdain, whether conscious or unconscious, was what prompted Salon’s tweet. The progressives at Salon are incapable of admitting that Islam, or at the minimum Islamism, is an inherently violent religious ideology and that the horrors of the Paris attacks directly stem from this religious system. No they are blind to this possibility, and instead they somehow must implicate their ideological object of hatred, the right, in some twisted and rather absurd way to the Paris attacks. One wonders what occurrence, if any, will be able to dissipate the fog that obscures the mind of many progressives so that they can perceive reality for what it is.

O Mouggos

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