Why is Russia in Syria? Part 8 Conclusion

by omouggos

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There are many reasons why Russia considers it necessary to actively participate in the Syrian Civil War to save their ally Assad. The strategic importance of maintaining their naval base at Tartus, protecting and assisting the Christians of Syria, helping to stabilize the situation in Syria and prevent Islamists from assuming power, testing and improving their military capabilities, degrading ISIL and other terrorist groups, eliminating Chechen ISIL fighters, protecting a consistent customer of armaments and ensuring that allies are able to construct an economically important gas pipeline, are all reasons why Russia would want to intervene in Syria. However, in my opinion, the most important reason is that Russia must prop up Assad’s regime to oppose the world’s dominant unipolar power, the US. In the world today there are competing world orders–that is if we ignore the intentions of the Islamists–the unilateral hegemony of America and its vassals, and the multilateral, multipolar model of Euranianism which Putin is attempting to implement in the world today.

Thus Assad must be maintained in power, even if it risks entangling Russia into a quagmire, similar to the Soviet experience in Afghanistan or bringing it into direct confrontation with NATO member countries such as Turkey and even the US, or provoking Islamist groups to launch attacks within Russia. The Syrian Civil War is more than a battle between Shiite and Sunni, or nationalists and Islamists, it is also a battle of geopolitical ideologies that seek to ‘rule’ the world. On one side is the unipolar model of America and on the other the multipolar model of Russia, China, Iran and other countries. The outcome of the Syrian Civil War will not only effect Syrians and Arabs, but in fact everyone in the world. Regardless of the outcome, we are living through an important phase in human history. Hopefully it does not end in World War.

O Mouggos